Personal Cheffing: Long, Short and One-Time services

Long & Short-term services

I realize that busy schedules don’t always allow for more than take-out and quick grocery shops, nevermind farmer’s markets and meal prep!  Picture this: you’ve had a hard day, you come home and open the fridge, and there are restaurant-quality meals waiting for you.  We’ve already spoken about your food sensitivities and/or allergies, any special dietary restrictions as well as your likes and dislikes, so everything is exactly the way you want it.  Customization is my specialty. 

Mail-order food services you might see advertised on Facebook or elsewhere are a cheaper alternative to a personal chef service, yes.  However, you get what you pay for.  The quality and sources of ingredients are truly unknown and they spend a lot of time in storage before being boxed up and shipped to you.  Cheaper cost, cheaper product.  They keep costs down by working in bulk.  You’re paying for a processed fad.  And you have to cook your meals yourself!  And you’re amassing a ridiculous amount of trash with every order.

Avoid all that with Food For The Band.  Individualized, fresh and an emphasis on the best of what’s around — your order is tailored to you and hand-delivered to your door in reusable containers, from our local kitchen to yours, and with you 100% in mind during preparation.  If you want a truly fresh and easy experience, you’ve come to the right place.

I use your questionnaire to create unique menus for you each week, so there aren’t any unhappy surprises, and no repeats (unless requested).   Plus — everything is as healthy as it is delicious!  You’ll only have the finest ingredients and care going into your food. 

Whether you’re a butter-and-eggs bachelor or a gluten-free family of five, I provide all the groceries and do all the hard work. All you have to do is enjoy!

I’m here to make your life easier. 

The Custom Plan: I’ll customize a regular, long-term service plan just for you, creating a meal package that fits your preferences, family size, budget and schedule.  Cooked in my well-stocked commercial kitchen and delivered to you at a regularly-scheduled hour, I can even organize it in your refrigerator for you should you not yet be home!  Ideal for those who have special dietary needs (gluten-free, vegan, kosher and the like) or strong food preferences — you have 100% control over your specific weekly menus.
All packages include the initial consultation, menu and meal planning, dietary counseling as needed, grocery shopping and groceries, meal preparation, meal packaging/labeling and delivery.  MA meals tax of 6.25% and any applicable PayPal fees (should you choose to pre-pay) are your only extra fees.
Rates vary for this service, as every individual or family’s needs are different!  Packages are typically priced from $250-$550 per week (1 or 2 days per week) and each service typically includes a few different entrees with sides, with dessert prepared once-weekly.  Soup, bread and items like fruit salad prepared as part of the menu when appropriate. Prices vary depending on the number of meals requested and the unique needs of each client.  A standard client-chef service agreement will need to be signed prior to the start of service.*
To see if we are a good fit, I offer a Trial Service which includes one day of service (entree with sides as appropriate, 4 servings of dessert), customized to your needs.  Please contact me for pricing.

The Home-From-The-Hospital Custom Plan: A shorter-term custom personal cheffing option: 1-8 weeks of meals, designed to help folks recovering from illness or surgery, or new moms and dads adjusting to life with a newborn — though you can certainly still order this service without any of these factors relating to you!  Healthful, well-rounded meals customized to your tastes and any special dietary restrictions, delivered to your Boston-area door.  Mamas especially love this service; jump-start that post-baby weight loss!

Rates for this service will vary based on all the factors described in the above “Custom Plan” overview paragraph, please contact me to begin the conversation as to how I might be able to help.  A standard client-chef service agreement will need to be signed prior to the start of service.


The ‘Just Passing Through’ One-off Service: Customized, pre-approved dinner menu, popular especially with musicians/bands coming through Boston.  Sometimes regular-old takeout just won’t do, and fast food gets old – well – fast.  Special diets accommodated, hotel or venue delivery and discretion included.  Fresh, healthy meals; a treat for yourselves on the road. One week’s notice required, prices vary.

Please note: should you sign up for short-term service and then decide to continue on longer-term — while FFTB loves when this (often) happens, it can be tough to schedule, as others may have your time slot booked going forward.  Please consider using the trial service to determine the best service for you in the beginning.

* Please also note when booking services — two weeks’ notice is required for cancellation of services, whether it is temporary or permanent, or a fee of one week is expected.  This is non-negotiable, and further outlined in your agreement.  Appropriate notice allows me to book other clients in your place.