Personal Cheffing: Additional Services & Products

Additional Services & Products


Frozen smoothie packs: The health benefits of fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts/seeds, extracts, antioxidants, ‘superfoods’ and the like — conveniently and whimsically packaged for you to blend anytime with ice or liquid of your choice.  A different creative and complementary flavor combination every week!  Allergies; dietary sensitivities taken into consideration as needed.

For current clients, can be substituted weekly/biweekly as your dessert option or added on for $40 per week (8 individually-packaged smoothie packs).

(At this time, smoothie packs are only offered as an add-on service for regular clients. Should you not yet be a FFTB customer, please do get in touch to discuss how regular FFTB services might be right for you!  I pride myself in the ability to find culinary solutions for most tastes and budgets.)

Smoothie packs are currently being developed for commercial distribution — client feedback is integral in helping me/FFTB create successful and healthful options, and we so appreciate it!

smoothie pack Oct 13

Seasonal offering: “Pumpkin pie”.
Roasted local sugar pumpkin; plain Greek yogurt, warming spices & ginger; bourbon vanilla; crumbled graham & flax.

Grocery shopping: No time or desire to hit the market?  I’ll take care of it for you.  $60 flat fee covers a once-weekly grocery shop at a store of your choice (default: Whole Foods), following a list you create and keeping to a budget you set.  Delivery is included.  MA meals tax will not apply to this service.  Emphasis on choosing the best quality produce and meats, local when possible, and [organic, free-range, dairy-free etc.] as you dictate.

Please note the heavy-duty FFTB canvas bags below when considering this service!


Bone broth: Bone broth offers nutritive qualities for skin and hair (collagen), joints (glucosamine) and gut (gelatin) and also assists with detox (glycine)! It has immune-boosting properties, as any good homemade stock would, contains easily digestible minerals and proteins — skip the pills and enrich your diet with a mug a day of bone broth instead!  Bone broth is a popular supplement to the Paleo Diet as well.  Let me do the work of sourcing the unusual, nutrient-dense ingredients from the farms I work with; let me handle the 24-hour broth creation process — reap the benefits of the important end product but outsource the hassle that goes into creating it!  Food For the Band offers a month’s worth of beef/chicken bone broth (128oz/4 quarts), delivered to your Boston-area home or work, for an all-inclusive $175.

Food For the Band canvas bags: $10 each

canvas bags