My love of food began at an early age; in awe at the magic of putting ingredients in a bowl and having them turn out to be something else.  I was always in the kitchen experimenting, making assuredly terrible things to serve my parents in bed and later, baking attempts that ended in a million dishes–but also 30 batches of increasingly-better snickerdoodle cookies.

A lifelong fascination with diagnostics along with my parents’ catering business fueled my budding interest in turning standalone foods into meals. The alchemy of baking translated to menus, mixing, matching and even contrasting food elements and flavors until just right.  Even while holding other jobs, food was a hobby that just wouldn’t stop creeping into the forefront.  When fronting a local rock band, I still brought homemade snacks to share at practice!

It wasn’t until I had cancer as a young adult, though, that I became interested in eating for health and not just “eating to eat”.  I had to face the fact that there’s more to food than feeding your taste buds, and forced myself to improve my eating habits (which were, like all busy people’s, lacking in so many ways).

Nearly four years later, I’m well and well into my culinary career. I’ve since honed my skills, gained acceptance to the prestigious ACE program at the Culinary Institute of America, worked in Artist Relations for music festivals like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits and began writing a weekly column for Boston-area food blog MassBytes — all the while becoming enthralled with what’s fresh, what’s grown close to home and researching scientific preparatory techniques to make special diets menus comparable to those without limitations.

My whole life has led me down this career path, and I am intrigued to keep following it to see where it takes me. I am excited to continue learning about the power of food; what it will do in the body and what that means for us all, preventative or as treatment.

I don’t eat perfectly all the time, but I do my best.  It’s a passion of mine to educate myself on what is going in to my food and where it is coming from. And my role as a personal chef is to help you do your best when you need it.

Julia cooks out of Arlington but lives on the North Shore with her husband and infant son. She is a Certified Personal Chef (CPC), licensed in the state of MA and ServSafe/Food Allergen-certified.